People used to be so addicted to Second Life that it made you think the game was going to take over like social media has these days. Have you ever played Second Life before? To be honest, it seemed a little complicated to enjoy out of the gate, in my opinion. In other words, I have tried it but at the time, felt like it was just too time-consuming to get started.

As a matter of fact, people reported spending so much time playing that game. It was addictive I’m sure, and I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t play it more often. What’s funny is that I just downloaded it the other day again on my new computer, thinking it might still be something cool to play. Well, it took forever to load, and no one was really there. I still don’t quite understand completely how the game works either.

I was talking about Second Life when I was at the coffee shop, and a lady overheard me and asked if I played. Long story, but she owns a remodeling company ( – yes, she gave me her card lol), and she said she used to play in college too. Small world, and it proves my point that more people played than cared to admit. At least this lady owned up to it too, and she was proud of it. Me too sister…

I┬áthink most people never will understand Second Life because now no one plays it anymore. One of the main reasons people don’t play it is because people were getting way too sexual on there I hear. It’s not a virtual sex game or anything like that, and that’s unfortunately what too many people tried to make it out to be. People are too crazed for that stuff, and maybe the designers should have created another game for that and kept Second Life clean.