Second Life held our attention but for a moment, for the majority of people who ever jumped into the alternative environment. Others stayed on there for ages, and were the target of many appealing ads and job offers from the big-name corporations that seemed to buy into and back the Second Life platform.

Not long after it was established people left their online doppleganger hanging in limbo, never to revisit the site again. Others established communities of friends, neighbors, and associates. And, yes, even some received job offers for their first life, or real life existence from Second Life.

Well into this decade, Second Life revamped itself as if to breathe life into the platform once again. But, did it work? Are any of us on there at all anymore, including the big corporate money? Yet there are people who still go on there and have been involved there for the entire time since its inception in 2003.

Though, for the majority of us, Second Life long ago was left behind in the rear view mirror. It made for a good joke on The Office when Dwight Schrute had his own Second Life character. But beyond that, for most of us it lost relevance at about that time.