Shortly after its release, Second Life was poised to become a household name. It had a huge base of users, as well as the ability to appeal to people that usually avoided online games. However, people left Second Life in droves.

While it’s obvious that Second Life failed, other businesses can learn from the mistakes it made. Here are a few issues other companies should try to avoid.

Second Life Never Capitalized On Its Success

When Second Life was at its peak, it didn’t work to grow further. Instead, they worked to appeal to the userbase they already had.

It Ignored Its Competitors

Second Life didn’t pay close attention to its competitors. As a result, people wound up leaving them for the competition.

It Failed To Address Problems

There were a lot of issues with Second Life that went largely ignored. As an example, when people complained about harassment, those complaints weren’t always addressed. This gave people more of a motivation to leave Second Life behind.

Anyone that is creating a game or online service should look at what Second Life did wrong. Most of the mistakes that they made were completely avoidable.