Hi! My name is Cindy and I’m an online junkie. I wanted to write about Second Life, and what the heck happened in it’s amazing rise and disappointing fall. I dabble in app design, and I’ve been thinking about making a similar game, but I wanted to learn from the mistakes of Second Life before I dug too deep. I find that when I write, my thoughts become clarified, and writing a blog keeps my accountable since it’s public viewing and not just for myself.

In these writings, I intend to theorize: what caused the rise and fall of Second Life?

When Second Life was first released, it became an instant phenomenon. All kinds of people were enjoying this online game. At its peak, it was so popular that colleges were setting up online campuses within its world.

However, the game faded from popularity almost as quickly as it rose up. Now, Second Life looks like a wasteland. Few people play the game at all.

Why did the game fail to retain the interest that it captured? For one, the game wasn’t able to keep up with the things that its competitors were doing. At the time of its release, Second Life was unlike anything else. In the present, however, there are better alternatives to this sort of virtual game.

In addition, the game’s graphics never received much of an update. Because the graphics weren’t stylized, they wound up looking quite dated after a few years. A lot of people were turned off by the game when they went to check it out.

Second Life will probably never recapture the popularity that it once had. However, many other, newer games, will be influenced by the things that it did. It was an influential game, even though it wasn’t a long-term success.